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Photo of Alice Lepique

Alice Lepique

Vice President

Photo of Bruno Lima

Bruno Lima


Photo of Bruno Yoshimura

Bruno Yoshimura

General Partner

Photo of Carla Barone

Carla Barone

Head of Portfolio Support

Photo of Eduardo Campos

Eduardo Campos


Photo of Isabella Frigerio

Isabella Frigerio


Photo of Rodrigo Cartolano

Rodrigo Cartolano


Photo of Arthur Brennand

Arthur Brennand

Venture Partner

Photo of Alexandre Noschese

Alexandre Noschese

Venture Partner

Photo of Rafael Costa

Rafael Costa

Venture Partner

Investment Thesis

Illustration Illustration Illustration

Backing people building
companies is the essence
of our mission.

  • 01.

    Big Market

    Companies with the potential to become a multi-billion dollar business.

    Yearly double-digit bottom up TAM growth.

    With the possibility of becoming monopolies.

  • 02.

    Inevitable Founders

    Can run and recruit a world-class team.

    Rapidly ship what customers want.

    Are confident without being arrogant.

  • 03.

    Transformational Products

    Early indications of product-market fit.

    Repeatability with user behavior and/or economics.

    Content and engaged customer base.


  • São Paulo City

    ONEVC Brazil

    Rua Pequetita, 215 - Cj 112
    São Paulo, SP - Brazil